Coors Light Packaging

Cold Refreshment. Chill Vibes.

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Joe Jonas and Coors Light

Upholding the Legacy.

Faced with new competition from a wave of sessionable hard seltzers, Coors Light set out to reclaim their status as the icon of cold refreshment.

Coors Light branding

Cold Beer Meets Warm Connections.

Our semiotic and distinctive asset analysis unlocked an opportunity to integrate emotional meaning into the functional “Cold as the Rockies®” drinking experience. Celebrating the moment of chill, we modernized the brand’s cold credentials while humanizing the brand experience.

Coors Light glass bottle
Coors Light branding and lifestyle

Today’s Forecast: Blue Skies.

Through an evolution of existing equities and establishment of new iconography, we introduced a refreshed visual language that balances the crispness of the Rockies with blue-sky optimism. The result functionally and emotionally delivers chill vibes in a way that’s undeniably and unmistakably Coors Light.

Coors Light packaging
Coors Light digital branding
Coors Light apparel
Coors Light apparel
Coors Light packaging