Detroit Pistons basketball

Making Detroit Pride the Driving Force

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Detroit Pistons basketball signage

Inspiring the Next Generation of Fans.

Lacking relevancy amongst Millennials across the metro area, the Pistons were in pursuit of a lifestyle brand that reflected a modern-day Detroit attitude while still paying homage to their unapologetic Bad Boy history.

Detroit Pistons branding logo breakdown
Detroit Pistons branding logo

Highlighting a History of Hustle.

Fueled by insights on the city’s culture and the team’s fanbase, we built upon the Piston’s gritty legacy to put Detroit pride at the forefront, driving fan loyalty and cultivating a deeper connection across the Motor City.

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Unignorable Swagger, Undeniably Detroit.

We established a proud 313 identity and complementary “Respect the Code” language that beckons the people of Detroit, unifying them in their unmatched and unwavering pursuit of progress.

Derrik Rose and Detroit Pistons
Detroit Pistons apparel and playing basketball
Detroit Pistons basketball apparel
Detroit Basketball sign on building
Detroit Pistons basketball
Detroit Pistons basketball court