Hershey's chocolate bar

Unwrapping an Icon.

Creative Strategy, Packaging, Brand Guidelines


Consideration for Core.

Focused on solidifying their place as the category leader, the iconic Hershey’s brand sought to increase at-shelf consideration for their core chocolate bar line-up.

Hershey's chocolate bars

A System Worth Craving.

A portfolio strategy was established to elevate the role of the beloved Hershey’s masterbrand in relationship to each of the flavor-driven sub-brand offerings. Respectful of the brand’s successful equity assets, we made evolutionary shifts to the brand identity and color palette to enhance shoppability. Meanwhile, a revolutionary introduction of product photography was incorporated to amplify appetite appeal.

Hershey's chocolate bar
Hershey's chocolate taste appeal

Iconic Brand. Iconic Bar.

For the first time in brand history, the Hershey’s chocolate bars are proudly featured on packaging. The product photography simultaneously serves as a unifying brand element as well as a deliciously differentiating product signifier. By heroing the product and improving brand hierarchy, we balance brand pride with product pride, ultimately resulting in enhanced craveability that drives consideration.

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Kid's enjoying Hershey's chocolate
Hershey's branding